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Stimulating our lymphatic system through movement and exercise is extremely important to our general well-being and health. As I’ve discussed previously, our lymphatic system is part of our immune system that helps to fight off and rid our body of viruses, bacteria and toxins. Our breasts are part of the body not often talked about when talking about the lymphatic system, although this system is essential in maintaining breast health. As part of  my pledge to bring more self help techniques to the community, I will describe a technique called “Phluffing.*”


What is Phluffing?

Phluffing is an easy technique to stimulate the lymphatic flow in the breasts. The letters stand for: Personal, Hand, Lymphatic, Undulation, Flow, Facilitation


Phluffing is safe, easy gentle movement given to the breasts at least twice a day. Did you know that women take better care of their hair, nails, face and feet than their breasts?


Why should I Phluff?

Breasts are the least touched part of a woman’s body. The body’s immune system circulates lymph fluid to destroy cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, toxins and waste material. When this lymph fluid is restricted, as with a bra, the lymph cannot circulate freely in the breast.


Where and When to Phluff?

At home, at work, in your car, with or without clothing, preferably in the morning upon awakening, or showering, during the day and especially after the bra is removed at night.


Phluff A

Bend at waist or stand upright.  Cup your hands under each breast. Gently move your hand in an up and down motion as if fluffing a pillow. Phluff at least 10 times


Phluff B

Place the side of each hand under one breast onto the ribs. Move your hand left to right in a sideways motion, at least 10 times. Repeat for other breast


Spontaneous Phluffing

Lift the bra straps and move up & down. Place your hands on each breast & gently press in as beeping a horn. This is best done when sitting at a red light, watching TV, or any place at anytime. Do at least 10 times.


Benefits of Phluffing

Phluffing can reduce breast congestion and discomfort if done before, during and after the menstrual cycle. It can also help to soften breasts, relieve breast pain and tenderness, and prepare the breasts for their mammogram, as well as decreasing lumps and cysts from fibrocystic breasts. The technique can also aid in moving lymph and bringing killer T-Cells to protect the breast from bacteria & cancer as well as bringing blood and oxygen to the breast tissue. As it does this, it also cleans out toxins and stagnation in the breast tissue. For new moms, it can help enhance breastfeeding by improving circulation and general health of your breasts.


This technique is easier to do than a self breast exam while enabling you to become familiar with your breasts (enabling you to become more aware of changes to your breast tissue) and maintain a healthy breast for a healthier body. AND it feels good!

Remember – EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES. This technique is NOT just for women, men should also be Phluffing!

This is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical condition.

*”Phluffing” was initially conceived by Cheryl Chapman as a result of her personal and clinical experiences. Cheryl is a breast care advocate dedicated to empowering and educating women about self breast care. She received her nursing degree in 1965 and earned her certification in therapeutic massage in 1988. As a former cardiac oncology and hospice nurse, she has integrated nursing and massage into her practice. “Big or small, young or old it’s always time to phluff the girls!” ~ Cheryl Chapman, RN, LMT