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Welcome to Unlimited Potentials

A Place for Health, Balance and Well-being

Unlimited Potentials is a bodywork practice that strives to encourage and empower each client to access their greatest potentials.

How would you live your life differently?

  •   What would you do if you had no physical limitations – or had more freedom of movement?
  •   What would your life be like if you were free from pain?


The answers to these questions may be difficult to even ponder, yet health, healing and balance may be closer than you might believe in this moment.

Our bodies inherently possess an inner wisdom designed to keep us in balance and healthy. A century ago, this was easier to do. Today, ongoing stress, environmental pollutants, unhealthy diets and information overload make staying in balance and in health much more difficult.

While our body strives to keep up with these assaults, it loses ground over time. Irritants and contaminants build up, pain escalates and any semblance of balance is gone. When this happens, disease (dis-ease) sets in. If untreated, acute ailments become chronic. Once these ailments become chronic, they’re like unwelcome houseguests – annoying and hard to get rid of. At its worst, they force you to change your life and even your outlook. They can even destroy hopes and dreams.

At Unlimited Potentials, clients are supported by helping them embark on a healing journey – one designed to make what may seem impossible…possible. This is accomplished by designing a wellness protocol that addresses the unique needs of each client to facilitate the greatest healing and rehabilitation possible. There is no “one size fits all” regimen at Unlimited Potentials.

We work as a team to develop a program that will address your health issues and goals. Be assured that listening to your needs and desires is as important as accurately discovering the root problems and taking care of them appropriately. In addition, throughout the course of treatment, you will be taught self-help strategies and techniques that will provide the basis for continued healing and improvement after formal treatment has ended.

The goal is to empower clients to return to a state of health, wellness and balance, and enable each of them to reach his or her unlimited potential