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swirl-90x160“Working with Sue is like getting an invitation to play!  Sue has an exquisite touch.  And she has an enormous capacity to listen to the body and elicit change.  She gently and subtly uncovers new information and openings in every session.  I am amazed how often our sessions bring an element of wonderful surprise.  I love her work!  I often refer clients to Sue, especially anyone wanting to resolve headaches or those seeking to explore the deep workings of the brain.”  ~ Casey K,  PhD, Certified Advanced Rolfer


“Sue is a treasure.  From the moment she places her hands on my body I know there is a shift taking place. Her extensive, multi-disciplinary training and extraordinary intuition make her unique and a master in her field.  I’ve learned a lot from her gentle teachings and always leave her studio with another “aha” moment.  I look forward to continued integration with Sue.” ~ Jane D, Providence, RI


“When I first started seeing Sue, I couldn’t sit in a car without being in excruciating pain. I couldn’t pick up my 3 year old, clean my house or make supper. I had no quality of life. Once I started seeing Sue, over a period of time I started to be able to function again and re-build my life. She literally saved my life.” ~ Brenda J, Rehoboth, MA

swirl-90x160“I have lived with knee pain most of my life; I can remember specific instances as early as elementary school.  (Full disclosure: I turned 65 in January, 2012).  Over the years the pain went from sporadic to constant.  I had Baker’s Cysts behind both knees, both of which had ruptured.  I had – at various times – consulted an Orthopod, four Orthopedic Surgeons, had x-rays, two MRI’s, and two rounds of physical therapy.  To a one, they all pronounced me “bone-on-bone” and definitely a candidate for knee replacements somewhere down the line.  I had reached the point of living with constant pain and figured it was just a matter of time/tolerance for the pain, when I learned about Sue Cotta in 2008.  I figured, “What could it hurt/might help,” so made my first appointment. My first visit was an eye-opener.


 swirl-90x160“My 4 year old daughter with multiple symptom cerebral palsy began receiving CST at 6 months of age. At that time and through the following year, the treatments had an intensely calming effect, and helped her transition from a traumatized, defensive, clenched being into a more relaxed baby better able to absorb some of the world around her.

 As Lindsey has matured so have the treatments, and the appointments evolved into multi-hands sessions with both Susan Steiner and Sue Cotta. As an observer, the sessions feel like a dance to me. There is an indescribable energy in the room, something that brings about an emotional fluidity, the same way music can strike your soul. The difference between the individual session and the multi-hands session seems to me like the difference between a dancer dancing alone, to swinging with a partner. There is a mutual support between the therapists that both broadens the treatment and heightens the awareness of the client. “ K.Y, from RI

swirl-90x160Thank you for a most wonderful seminar. You are an amazing educator and healer.  Thanks again for changing my life and our world in magnificent ways! The ripple will continue to flow and expand.  Pam S., CST 1 student